Telecare and HIVE van launch

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HIVE Portsmouth is helping people to find new ways of improving their sense of health and wellbeing.

Based on the lower ground floor of the Central Library, the HIVE acts as a one-stop shop to help Portsmouth residents with issues ranging from mental health, debt, loneliness and physical illnesses.

HIVE Portsmouth opened its doors in December 2018, and since then has had 234 interactions with the public. These interactions have helped to guide and support people to make positive change to issues they are facing.

But this is just the start. Today the HIVE have built on this fantastic work, launching an accessible van service and telecare centre in the Central Library.

Telecare has been introduced to the First Floor in the Wellbeing Area of the Central Library.

Ellie O’Day, Telecare and Home Safety Manager at Portsmouth City Council said: “As we get older or become ill it can be hard to cope, and feelings of freedom and independence can give way to worries about personal safety.

“In order to keep people safe and independent in their own homes, telecare is essential. Telecare offers peace of mind to those who use it and their family. If a person needs help, the equipment links them to the monitoring centre, where friendly skilled operators will automatically know who they are, and what piece of equipment has been activated.

“Telecare equipment automatically alerts the monitoring centre if someone is unable to, and includes falls detectors, smoke detectors, pull cords, door exit sensors and many more pieces of equipment to allow you to live independently in your own home.

“We are really excited to be bringing these products to the HIVE. This is an opportunity for people to have a closer look at what is on offer and explore the benefits this can have for them.”

The HIVE van is fitted with an accessibility ramp to transport mobility scooters and will help those who are isolated to get out and about around the city; enabling people to access areas of the city that are not as accessible.

Cllr Jeanette Smith, Cabinet Member for Resources said: “Portsmouth has always been a kind and considerate city and the HIVE’s purpose is to build on this and bring this all together into a one-stop-shop.

“The introduction of the HIVE van and telecare centre is vital to continue the fantastic work that is already happening.

“This is an opportunity to help some of the most vulnerable in our community, and I personally look forward to seeing how these extra services will benefit the people of Portsmouth.”

HIVE board member and Chief Officer of Citizen’s Advice Portsmouth, Sandy O’Neill said: “We are so thrilled at all that the HIVE has achieved so far. It shows just how much this is needed in Portsmouth and just how important it is to be working collaboratively. I can’t wait to see what more can be achieved to help those living and working in the city.”