About Us

HIVE Portsmouth is a collective of organisations dedicated to building stronger, more connected communities.

People from local voluntary, community and social enterprise services (VCSE) in the city, Portsmouth City Council and the NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are committed to working together with the objective of building a happier, healthier and more connected city.

HIVE Portsmouth works with local people, groups and organisations in a way that recognises and nurtures the strengths of individuals, families and communities and helps to build independence and self-reliance.

The physical symbol of this wider partnership is the HIVE Portsmouth, which is the home of the central point of contact for services and community connection in the city. HIVE Portsmouth aims to become the home of social action and enterprise where people can come with ideas and be supported to grow them. It will also be an organisational hub for those who are committed to the vision and culture of HIVE Portsmouth.


HIVE Portsmouth is:

A commitment – to working differently and being the best we can be.

A cooperative – of people and organisations working together to improve the health and well-being of the people of Portsmouth.

A presence – starting with the Central Library, we’re developing a physical front door where everyone is welcome and we plan to roll out similar locations across the city.

Mrs A's Story

Mrs A came into the HIVE because she was worried about money following the recent death of a loved one. Mrs A has 3 dependents and was struggling to make ends meet. Mrs A was put in touch with the housing benefits team at Portsmouth City Council and agreed to come back to the HIVE desk a few weeks later. Mrs A said she wanted to get back to work, but needed a bit of help to make sure she had the right skills. The HIVE team helped her find some local courses, as well as a bereavement group and activities for her and her children. Mrs A is now in part-time work.