Project Bridge

Project Bridge is the way that HIVE Portsmouth works with others to find solutions to the challenges our city faces. Independently facilitated and open to all, Project Bridge sessions seek to bring innovative, inclusive and – above all – effective answers to some of our community’s most pressing questions.

In Portsmouth, we experience the same pressures around health, social care, debt and isolation as other cities but we also live in a city full of those that want to help.

There is an opportunity for individuals, business, community, voluntary groups, the council and health to work seamlessly together to find solutions to some of these issues.

Project Bridge brings together people from a range of backgrounds in an immersive, open, creative and participative process.

The outcomes of these Project Bridge sessions are sustainable solutions for organisations to work together for the benefit of our city.

Building better outcomes

Bringing together key players from all sectors to design ways for the voluntary and community sector to work collaboratively with the statutory sector.

Increasing volunteering

Working with a range of organisations to make volunteering sustainable by attracting new volunteers and supporting existing volunteers.

Home from hospital

Work between health partners in the local NHS and CCG, Portsmouth City Council and the voluntary sector to help bring people home from hospital.

Supporting social enterprise

To consider how social enterprises can provide a more robust market to better support a personalised offer for Adult Social Care enabled technology.

Young people at risk of exploitation

Aligning police, child services, education, leisure, business, transport, health, housing and the council to solve this complex issue, protecting those most at risk.

Reducing childhood obesity

Uniting the voluntary, community and statutory sector to discuss the complex issues of childhood obesity, and what might be done to reduce it.

Have a question you want answered?

Anyone can request, suggest or lead on a Project Bridge session – ask us how.