Stories from the City

Celebrating Portsmouth’s unsung heroes.

Stories from the City celebrates the people behind Portsmouth’s vibrant voluntary and community sector.

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Kim Hosier, Centre Director, PARCS

“As Centre Director I have the responsibility for the strategic direction of PARCS, my role also covers the day-to-day management, bidding for funding grants, attending meetings and promoting our work.

Alby Clover, volunteer, The Learning Place

“Initially I came into The Learning Place to learn myself; I wanted to improve my skills on the computer so I could keep up with my children and grandchildren. I was then asked if I would consider volunteering.

Caitlin Rawlins, volunteer, Royal British Legion

“I was inspired by my granddad to fundraise.

I started by raising money for the Poppy Appeal during my break at school. I raised £322.76.”


Simon Moore, volunteer, NMRN

“I am 29 and attend college at the Omega Centre in Portsmouth concentrating on English GCSE. I was born and have always lived in portsmouth and have an 8 and a half year old boy.”


James Cooke, volunteer, Pompey in the Community

“I teach young children how to play football, by building their skills and technique and increasing their confidence. It has improved my own confidence massively.”

Charlene Maines, founder, Choices for You

“I am a single mum of two children and was inspired to start Choices for You based on my own experience of being unemployed and on benefits after leaving an abusive relationship.”

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